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cropped-HR-1.jpgRayanne Coy is an independent consultant and certified professional coach who specializes in working with individuals and teams to further enhance and develop their social and emotional skills (EQ).

As a strategic partner to leaders and difference makers, Rayanne is passionate about identifying skill strengths and gaps, blind spots, and growth opportunities.  She’s comfortable having difficult conversations and can’t wait to explore new ways of thinking and being in action to get desired results.

Working with Rayanne is like partnering with a smart sounding board and accountability partner; someone who helps you so see things from a new perspective, name and align with what matters most, and forward action in a purposeful way.

Papers with graphs and Unlock your Potential concept.

Relationships are the most important asset in business and at home.  Yet, if truth be told, we often don’t feel at our personal best. We lose our cool, lack energy, focus and spin our wheels overwhelmed by distractions and our relationships suffer.

Do any of these situations resonate with you?

  • Your small business is growing and so are your people issues and headaches. 
  • You lead a team and you notice tension and conflict.  
  • You are a parent who wants to thrive instead of just survive.
  • You are ready for a job change.

If the pain of staying the same is becoming greater than the pain of doing something different, than schedule your strategy call.

You’ll be amazed at how great it feels to be able to say what’s on your mind to someone who can listen objectively and won’t try to fix you or smooth things over.

You’ll form new habits and take brave and courageous steps to achieve more of what you want.

Rayanne CoyWorking with Rayanne, you will:

  • Increase self awareness
  • Define and align with your core values
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Understand your blind spots
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Take meaningful action to achieve desired results

Current and Previous Experience includes:

  • Associate Certified Professional Coach by International Coach Federation since 2003
  • Founder of Families At Their Best – a community of like-minded parents dedicated to raising the next generation of talent.
  • Facilitator, Screamfree Marriage and Parenting With Peach & Purpose at Willow Creek Community Church, South Barrington, IL
  • Facilitator, In Service Training for preschool and early education teachers
  • Hope’s In Board Member responsible for Humanitarian Leadership Development
  • Public Speaking –  The Oriental Museum Docents Training, The University of Chicago.  Cancer Soul Survivors, Barrington IL
  • Executive Coach, Insight Into Action Coaching – Coach/Consultant to small business leaders wanting to improve the performance of their people.
  • Professional Coach on staff at The Samaritan Counseling Center – Designed, developed and conducting parenting workshops.
  • Director of Human Resources, Personnel Manager and Change Management Consultant at Accenture, Chicago Office.
Rayanne Coy Speaks to parents at Willowcreek Community Church

Rayanne Coy Speaks to parents at Willowcreek Community Church


Rayanne received her associate level coach certification from the International Coach Federation and is certified to administer assessments such as the Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile and the Hogan Personality Assessment.

Rayanne is a graduate of the College of Executive Coaching and The Coach Training Institute, and a student of CRR Global.

She earned her M.A. in Education Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University and B.A. from Allegheny College in Psychology and Economics.