Coy HR Consulting & Coaching

Relationships Fuel Success

MMy name is Rayanne Coy and I am a certified professional coach specializing in leadership development, conflict management, relationship and career coaching.  I am a strategic partner to leaders and a developer of the people side of business. As a human capital management coach, I work with individuals and teams to identify skill strengths, gaps, blind spots, and growth opportunities.


Prior to starting my coaching and consulting practice in 2003, I directed human resources for Accenture’s Chicago Office where I advanced from a change management consultant to the Director of Human Resources responsible for overseeing recruiting, staffing, performance management and training for an office of 1,400 people.


Now, I work with executives, couples and teams to clarify and align people with organization vision, mission and values.  I also partner with small business leaders to align people, processes and systems to achieve the results they seek. My clients range from businesses and schools, to not-for-profits, and churches.


The curiosity I have about how to have difficult conversations with self and others ignites my passion to build engagement and connection. One of my favorite types of projects is partnering with executives and human resource professionals to grow competency as they take on a leadership or manager role. I also enjoy designing customized workshops, team sessions, and programs to develop teams.


My desire to strengthen EQ (emotional intelligence) and relationships inspired the founding of Families At Their Best™, a community of like-minded parents committed to raising the next generation of talent. As a mother of 4 teens, working on a marriage for almost 30 years, I am committed to co-creating @ your personal best relationships at home. Our mission — “As You Grow, They Grow,” leads to skills enhancement and putting the joy and ease back in relationships. I’ve led parenting workshops for over 100 parents and presented educational content to groups at Willow Creek. I’m currently seeking opportunities to develop parents as leaders who consciously create more calm and connection.


Rayanne is an Associate Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation.  She is certified to use the Hogan Personality Assessment and the ISEI – Social and Emotional Intelligence Profile — powerful assessment tools used to enhance recruitment, career development and performance management.


Rayanne earned her M.A. in Education Policy and Leadership from The Ohio State University where she was awarded an assistantship and worked part-time in Student Affairs.  She earned her B.A. from Allegheny College with a major in psychology and minor in economics.